ModiYacht - CAD Tool for Yacht Hull Surface Design

Modi Yacht is a CAD tool which is developed to perform parametric and adjective based modification of yacht hull forms. Modi Yacht consists of three different modules: parametric-based modeling, adjective-based modeling and hull hydrostatics. Parametric-based modeling helps its user to perform instantaneous design modification in their hull designs. User can create wide variety of designs for yacht hull and can transform one type of hull to a complete different type. For parametric modeling, Modi Yacht uses the combination of traditional and custom made design parameters. It helps its user to fully integrate with the design to modify both minor and major features of yacht hull form such as, width (Beam), Depth, Length, Chine positions, entrance angle, station concavities, etc. Adjective-based modeling ability of ModiYacht enables the designers to create desired number of designs based on the predefined adjective. User can select single or multiple adjectives based hull forms. The generation of these models is autonomous, user has to define N number of design and select desired adjectives. This modeler performs uniform sampling in the defined design space and automatically generate adjective based designs. User can also calculate the hydrostatic results and form coefficients of their modified designs. 

The project was supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK, Project Number: 214M333) GMDH Shell (from is used for the statistical analyis in this work.


User Manual in Turkish

User Manual in English

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