International Journal Papers

Eye tracking for screening design parameters in adjective-based design of yacht hull

Kemal Mert Dogan, Hiromasa Suzuki, Erkan Gunpinar.
Ocean Engineering, Vol. 166, 262–277, 2018.

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Sampling CAD models via an extended teaching–learning-based optimization technique

Shahroz Kan, Erkan Gunpinar.
Computer-Aided Design, Vol. 100, 52–67, 2018.

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A shape sampling technique via particle tracing for CAD models

Erkan Gunpinar, Serkan Gunpinar.
Graphical Models, Vol. 96, 11–29, 2018.

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A Two-dimensional Bin Packing-based Split-and-Pack Approach for Decomposing Large Three-dimensional Structures into Convex Items.

Erkan Gunpinar.
Computer-Aided Design and Applications, Vol. 15 (1), 11–24, 2018.

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Learning Yacht Hull Adjectives and Their Relationship with Hull Surface Geometry Using GMDH-Type Neural Networks for Human Oriented Smart Design.

Kemal Mert Dogan, Erkan Gunpinar.
Ocean Engineering, Vol. 145, 215–219, 2017.

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A Novel Design Framework for Generation and Parametric Modification of Yacht Hull Surfaces.

Shahroz Khan , Erkan Gunpinar , Kemal Mert Dogan.
Ocean Engineering, Vol. 136, 243–259, 2017.

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Motorcycle Graph Enumeration from Quadrilateral Meshes for Reverse Engineering.

Erkan Gunpinar , Masaki Moriguchi , Hiromasa Suzuki , Yutaka Ohtake.
Computer-Aided Design, No. 55, 64–80, 2014.

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Feature-aware Partitions from the Motorcycle Graph.

Erkan Gunpinar, Masaki Moriguchi, Hiromasa Suzuki, Yutaka Ohtake.
Computer-Aided Design, Vol. 47, 85–95, 2014.

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Generation of Bi-monotone Patches from Quadrilateral Mesh for Reverse Engineering.

Erkan Gunpinar , Hiromasa Suzuki , Yutaka Ohtake , Masaki Moriguchi. 
Computer-Aided Design, Vol. 45 (2), 440–450, 2013.

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Interfacing Heterogeneous PDM Systems Using the PLM Services.

Erkan Gunpinar , Soonhung Han
Advanced Engineering Informatics, Vol. 22 (3), 307–316, 2008.

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A User-Centered Side Silhouette Generation System for Sedan Cars based on Shape templates

Erkan Gunpinar, Salih Ertug Ovur, Serkan Gunpinar.
Optimization and Engineering, 1–41, 2018.

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