Two of our works were accepted in Computer-Aided Design journal.

Two of our works were published in Computer-Aided Design journal for the special issue on Computer-Aided Design on Advances in Generative Design (

1) A generative design and drag coefficient prediction system for Sedan car side silhouettes based on computational fluid dynamics.
Erkan Gunpinar, Umut Can Coskun, Mustafa Ozsipahi, Serkan Gunpinar.
Computer-Aided Design, Vol. 111, 65-79, 2019,

2) A generative sampling system for profile designs with shape constraints and user evaluation.
Kemal Mert Dogan, Hiromasa Suzuki, Erkan Gunpinar, Myung-Soo Kim.
Computer-Aided Design, Vol. 111, 93-112, 2019,

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